About Lamont McPheron MS, LPC, IMI Co-founder

Lamont is a licensed psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor, tai chi instructor, author and member of "Lotus Head". He is a mindfulness innovator, theorist and business leader. Lamont has dedicated 25 years of his life to intensive mindfulness training, leading numerous retreats and seminars throughout the years. In addition, since the early 90’s, he has pioneered a mindfulness-based approach in his counseling work; he is truly a vanguard of the mindfulness movement. Overall, Lamont views the mind as the foundation of all human achievements and believes that the mindfulness movement is playing a fundamental role in the evolution of our culture.


About Jai Lynn, IMI Co-founder, LMT, E-RYT, CBP

Jai Lynn Kellum is an experienced registered yoga teacher, mindfulness skills instructor, member of "LotusHead" and radio host. In her teaching, she specializes in emphasizing the mind, body and breath connection.  Her radio show, Sunday Sadhana, airs on the first Sunday of every month on WDRT 91.9fm and is streamed live on WDRT.org. Jai Lynn began her healing educational journey by completing Shamanic Practicum I and II as well as Rebirthing Breathwork in 2004. Additionally, Jai Lynn is trained as a Mindfulness Skills Instructor, Reiki master, and has a deep anatomical understanding from her training as a massage therapist. Her many accomplishments are based in deep spirituality and compassion. She is determined and devoted to self-discovery and self-healing disciplines. Jai Lynn shares her experience and skills with those who attend her classes, workshops, retreats, kirtans and "transcendental lounge" musical events.

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