Integrated Mindfulness Institute was founded in 2017 to share the beauty and power of mindfulness with our culture. We believe that the way to improve our world starts with improving our individual minds.  We can all walk the walk of progress and empowerment. Living with discernment and clarity creates a quality of life that is vital, radiant and connected. Join the movement to be a part of a more peaceful and evolved world!

We offer courses, trainings, classes, workshops, videos, audios and private sessions. We have much to share. We are ready to help you rise above past conditions and patterns that hold you back from experiencing life's full potential. Utilizing simple neomindfuless habits will bring relaxed clarity, focus and resilience into your day to day life. With perseverance you can create a life of fulfillment and purpose.  Learn more about the founders here. 


We offer several choices for working together:

For our friends who would like to dive in and learn how to be a Mindfulness Leader

For our friends who want us to speak at their next event

For our friends who would like to do some deep personal work one-on-one

For our friends who want more mindfulness in their workplace

For our friends who love music and want to know more about our mindful music band - Lotus Head